Information for Contractors

All works in our data centres and our site network infrastructure are covered by a Permit to Work scheme.  In all but the most minor of activities a Risk Assessment and Method Statement ( RAMS ) must be produced by the contractor and agreed with NBI Partnership Ltd before attending site to carry out any works.

The permit to work system was created to ensure risks are identified and managed for all work activities carried out in the Permit controlled areas. Outcomes should be predictable and safe for persons, equipment, running services and data. Additionally the Permit constitutes a written record of contractor activities in the Permit controlled areas.  Prior to attending site to carry out works the contractor must first submit a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) to NBIP for approval, thus requiring that works are pre-planned.

The Permit to Work system is intended to be part of a broader Project Managed approach to the planning and organisation of work activities on site, but it can also be operated standalone for ad-hoc pieces of work.

The NBIP Facilities and Risk Management department (FaRM) also operate a Permit to Work system. It is a requirement that works to any M&E systems, cabling containment, building or site fabric must be notified to FaRM and the necessary additional Permits obtained before works are allowed to commence.

Permit to Work System - Contractor's Information Pack (zip-file)

- Fire advice for Contractors working on NBI sites
- Management of Risks Checklist
- Guidance for Lifting Raised Floors
- NBIP General Conditions of Work
Permit to Work System - Guidance Notes for Supervisors

These guidance notes are intended for NBIP staff supervising works on site, but are provided here for contractors to understand the process we follow.

Questions regarding the process for obtaining a Permit to Work should be addressed to Dr Richard Horler.